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Björköby Local Museum

Contact information:
Uppbyggted, 65870 Björköby
tel. +358 (0)6 3524067 or +358 (0)6 3524156

Granösund Fishing Village

Granösund Fishing Village is an open-air museum in the villages Södra Vallgrund. The museum is open in summertime (sat-sun 12-16) or by appointment.

Contact information:
Bullerås, 6590 Södra Vallgrund
tel. +358 (0)6 3527589 or +358 (0)50 3760286

Replot Homestead Museum

Welcome to one of the seven best equipped Finland-Swedish museums. The museum has everything that was typical for a self-sufficient household in an archipelago village. The house is a typical Replot house with furniture from the 1700s and 1800s. The book collection in the museum is also impressive.
In Replot you will also find a boat museum by the harbour.

Contact information:
Alexandersgatan 46, 65800 Replot
tel +358 (0)6 352 0316