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Since most of the present day archipelago was underwater 2000 years ago, there are rather few ancient ruins from human settlement. However, there are still some historic ruins. The ruins mostly originate from fishing and seal hunting, as well as from times of war.


Field labyrinth
On the Valsörarna islands a so called field labyrinth can be found. A field labyrinth consists of stones that are placed in the form of a spiral or a round labyrinth. It is not clear what function the field labyrinths served. Some believe that the field labyrinths had a magical significance, whilst others believe that they had a religious meaning. A third theory is that people in the archipelago made the stone labyrinths as a pastime.

Russian ovens

Many so called Russian ovens are found in the archipelago. The name Russian oven comes from a theory according to which the ovens originate from the Great War during the beginning of the 1700s, when the Russians built the ovens to bake bread. However, the origin and function of the Russian ovens are debatable.

Compass rose
On the island known as Tribbonskär further out from Lappören island, a stone arrangement showing the points of the compass can be found. A similar compass rose is found on the island Eskilsskäret, and another two have been found in the same region.